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My Story @Harvard..

Before you choose someone to work with,  it's important that you understand their core values and beliefs. The fastest way to know someone is through their life story. Recently I spoke @Harvard on investing in real estate. During the entire speech I touched the topic of "Investing" just once.  While it's about making money.. it's not always about "making money".  Purpose should always precede wealth.

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Shane Melaugh

“Over $1million in equity”

I took Gopi's advice and invested in a single family home. Six years later here I'm with over a million dollars in equity. Gopi is a straight shooter. Buying or Selling.. have him on your side.

Raju S
Software Engineer, CA

Shane Melaugh

“Found me a cash flow property outside of MLS”

"Gopi created the perfect cashflow with minimal down payment and maximum negotiation. He is my real estate investment adviser for life” 

Sujata A
Home Maker and Small Business Owner